A Barcamp is an "unconference" where each participant is called upon even to give a short presentation or to actively participate in discussions. Barcamp arise out of a need that people exchange in an open environment and where you can learn from each other. It is an intense event with discussions, presentations and interaction among participants. As part of the "Munich Creative Business Week 2014" we were hosting the first designrelated Barcamp in Munich. Thanks to Maximilian Denzel, Thomas Lischke, Tobias Lugmeier, Devran Mama, Lorenz Noelle, Manuel Steffan, Timo Weil and Prof. Matthias Edler-Golla. Graphics by Felix Flemmer and Daria Malek, University Of Applied Sciences Munich, Faculty For Design, photos by Nicolai Schneider, University Of Applied Sciences Munich, Faculty For Design. For more information: